Masonry offers quality training for young students in pursuit of a rewarding career. You will be shown how important it is to take pride in your craft and your life. This is your opportunity to be a part if learning the many different careers within the trowel trades. Come and see how Masonry is creating the best hands in the business.

"The masonry trade allows someone who enjoys working with their hands, an opportunity to make a good living and advance in a skilled trade while taking pride in building the community."

Perry Sanders
Vice President of Construction and Manager of the Pennsylvania Division Caretti, Inc. — a masonry contracting company


"A career in masonry is a career for life — challenging, rewarding, enduring. Masonry construction will always be a valued and respected trade. It’s a great way to make a good living."

Doug Sheaffer
CCCM,CDT Sales Representative — York Building Products Company, Inc.

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