Pastry Arts operates a retail pastry shop and assists with the operations of The Hilltop Café, both which are open to the public. When enrolled in the Pastry Arts program, you will have the opportunity to be a part of the first certified High School Pastry program by the American Culinary Federation in the United States. Come garnish, drizzle, cut, and assemble your way into a rewarding career!

By attending the Pastry Arts Program, students have the opportunity to apply for their personal certifications as a Certified Junior Culinarian (CJC).


"My experience at the CTC was an unbelievable inspiring journey that taught me nothing is impossible to achieve!"

Jolene Collins
Class of 2006
Penn State University, 10'
Double-major: Food Science & Nutritional Sciences


"The Pastry Arts Program provided me with the experience I needed for real life and to prepare me for college." 

Kaitlyn Mader
Class of 2006
The Culinary Institute of America, 10'
Bachelor of Hospitality Management



Students in the Pastry Arts program have the opportunity to network with other chefs in the area through the local American Culinary Federation and begin making contacts towards their professional portfolio.

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