In Commercial Art, you will design artwork and logos for non-profit organizations and design and paint murals within the community. You will learn the theory of many different practices, including color, design, the production of camera-ready art, drawing, and typography. Your work will be displayed in an annual art show, as well as accent a growing portfolio for you to use for the future.

"Being in business for myself, I can now see that my instructor really knew the material he was teaching. He taught me how to be successful in the real world. I believe in the program so much that I even purchased one of the truck-tractors that the students refurbish each year."

Steve Flory
1999 Palmyra
President, Florry Transport LLC


"The CTC paved the way for my acceptance into Pratt Institute, a prestigious art school in New York City. From there, I went on to intern for a national television at NBC. The skills I learned at the CTC have made all my time in the graphics art industry very successful."

Jeff Anzulewicz
2002 Northern Lebanon

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