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500 Classified Employees Policies
 Title Size
500 Classified Employees IndexDownload214.03 KB
501 Creating a PositionDownload65.73 KB
502 Employment of Classified EmployeesDownload97.71 KB
503 Employment of Substitute and Short-Term EmployeesDownload94.11 KB
504 Employment ContractDownload68.17 KB
505 Assignment and TransferDownload74.11 KB
506 Suspensions and FurloughsDownload99.91 KB
507 Evaluation of Classified EmployeesDownload94.74 KB
508 Physical ExaminationDownload68.87 KB
509 Disqualification by Reason of HealthDownload89.82 KB
511 Penalties for TardinessDownload74.72 KB
512 Outside ActivitiesDownload76.16 KB
513 Tobacco UseDownload71.75 KB
514 Personnel FilesDownload86.62 KB
515 Dress and GroomingDownload78.08 KB
516 Complaint PolicyDownload102.56 KB
517 Salary & Working PeriodsDownload68.64 KB
518 Substitute CompensationDownload74.54 KB
519 OvertimeDownload69.56 KB
520 Job Related ExpensesDownload70.00 KB
521 Individual Growth GuidelinesDownload105.08 KB
522 Sick LeaveDownload88.25 KB
523 SeveranceDownload72.15 KB
524 Vacation and HolidaysDownload70.08 KB
525 Family and Medical Leave ActDownload142.27 KB
526 Uncompensated LeaveDownload95.93 KB
527 Personal Leave- PaidDownload71.29 KB
528 Benefits for Regularly Employed Part Time PersonnelDownload72.43 KB
529 Drug and Substance AbuseDownload98.66 KB
530 Non Discrimination in Employment Contract PracticesDownload84.80 KB
531 Prohibiting Harassment and ViolenceDownload164.95 KB
532 Political ActivitiesDownload69.14 KB
533 Freedom of Speech, Non-School SettingsDownload65.86 KB
534 GiftsDownload74.49 KB
535 Disability Leave of Absence & Continuation of Insurance Benefits for Disabled EmployeesDownload102.48 KB
536 Privacy of Individually Identifable Health InformationDownload105.10 KB
537 HIV InfectionDownload88.90 KB
538 Acceptable Use of Internet and ComputersDownload134.56 KB
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