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100 Program Policies
 Title Size
100 Programs Index Download97.63 KB
101 Mission and Philosophy Download63.06 KB
102 State Standards Download72.71 KB
103 Non-Discrimination in School & Classroom PracticesDownload80.63 KB
103B Non-Discrimination in Employment Contract Download84.61 KB
104 Prohibiting Harassment and Violence Download164.88 KB
105 Curriculum Development Download121.76 KB
105.1 Curriculum Review by Parents and StudentsDownload66.85 KB
105.2 Exemption from Instruction Download79.53 KB
106 Curriculum Termination Download83.13 KB
107.1 Guides for Planned Instruction Download101.33 KB
108 Adoption of Textbooks Download75.85 KB
109 Resource Materials Download119.96 KB
110 Instructional Supplies and Equipment Download70.24 KB
111 Lesson Planning Download74.33 KB
112 Guidance Counseling Download92.44 KB
113 Special Learner Assistance Download63.09 KB
113.1 Discipline of Students with Disabilities Download94.27 KB
114 Programs for Gifted Pupils Download69.66 KB
115 Student Intervention Download65.44 KB
116 Tutorial Instruction Download69.16 KB
117 Homebound Instruction Download71.86 KB
118 Cooperative Education Download72.25 KB
119 Clinical/Job Shadowing/Internships, etc. Download69.91 KB
120 Tech Prep Download69.56 KB
121 Field Trips Download66.94 KB
122 Extracurricular Activities/SYO Download115.07 KB
123 Current Events Download91.21 KB
124 Safety and Emergency Programs Download100.09 KB
125 Adult Education Download94.35 KB
126 Student Awards and Recognition Programs Download96.83 KB
126.0 Harry Brown Download52.19 KB
126.0 Individual Shop Awards Download21.97 KB
126.0 LCBA Download44.96 KB
126.0 LCCTC Education Association Scholarship Download54.86 KB
126.0 Lebanon Rotary Download59.54 KB
126.0 Myerstown Lions Download19.27 KB
126.0 Norbert and Aungst Scholarship Download40.09 KB
126.0 Outstanding Senior of the Year Download49.67 KB
126.0 Pushnik Scholarship Download40.10 KB
126.0 South Lebanon Lions Download21.00 KB
126.0 Stephen Kachniasz Scholarship Download40.15 KB
126.0 Walter Weaber Download47.80 KB
126.0 Youth Club State Winners Download21.42 KB
127 Strategic Plan Download70.94 KB
127.1 Assessments Download99.10 KB
127.1 Strategic Plan Download99.10 KB
128 Projects and Services Download97.13 KB
129 Community Volunteer Affirmation Form Download16.50 KB
129 Community Volunteer Approval Form Download18.42 KB
129 Community Volunteers Download120.62 KB
129 Community Volunteers Acknowledgement FormDownload12.41 KB
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